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Wild Roots Awakening

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 Acupuncture. Meditation. Yoga. Health.


   Acupuncture can be utilized to relieve pain and stimulate optimal function of the organ and nervous systems, as well as improve mood and regulate the stress response in the body. It causes micro trauma in the body, stimulating a healing response by increasing circulation, relaxing local muscles, and increasing neurotransmitter levels (i.e. happy hormones.)  
   Acupuncture can be used for pain, sleep complaints, digestive issues, and so much more! 

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Please come prepared to wear a mask. 

A Unique Approach

Meditation is often included as part of our treatments. The activity of the brain with regular mediation practice shows decrease perception of pain, better management of stress, increased problem solving, as well as slowing neurodegenerative diseases and increasing cognitive function. Designing a meditation practice that is exciting and achievable per patient is key. Different meditation techniques include breath work, image/guided, movement, and practiced stillness.

A healthy diet is challenging for many patients.
We strive to support the process of adjusting to a quality diet that lasts a lifetime and is also enjoyable. Supplements, herbs, and other therapeutics may be utilized per patient.

Movement is often encouraged. In Chinese medicine moving the Qi (life force energy) aids in health and healing processes. We guide patients on movement practices that vary according to patient capability.

Meet Us


Cami Gillett is licensed acupuncturist with a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She will be graduating with her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in December 2020. She is an avid yogi with her teaching certification in the practice, a Reiki Master, a meditation teacher, and a bodyworker in massage, tui na and shiatsu therapy.

She has interests in Jungian/archetypal psychology, neuroscience, nature, poetry, and theology. She artfully combines all this in a unique treatment for each patient. Cami specializes in aiding patients not only in physical and emotional pain, but also in reconnecting with their own innate wisdom for healing.

A small-town girl at heart, Cami grew up in the land of the jolly Green Giant in rural Minnesota. She is a mother who wants her children to be adept decision makers and feel empowered in life. She brings that same philosophy to her medical practice. She has a passion to understand both the science and the art of the medicine she practices, and strives to connect to every patient on their level of healing with a teaching method that allows each patient to become health independent; empowered by knowledge of how to listen and give the body and mind what it needs to thrive.

Vision and Mission

The Vision of our Practice Wild Roots Awakening Acupuncture is a place where patients uncover their own inner wisdom. They become empowered through health independence which allows for a fulfilling, joyful life. We employ compassionate professionals who care about patient experiences and are driven to be leaders in a new healthcare model that includes not only body health but mind and spirit as well. Our patients are ready to take on challenges that health requires, including lifestyle adjustments. Our patients understand they are the lead role in their health, and we are their support, teachers, and cheerleaders.

Our Mission Wild Roots Awakening Acupuncture highlights teaching patients how nutrition, movement, and mindset influence their biochemistry. A body and brain that function at optimal levels results in a positive experience with life. We strive to give patients support for a whole body and whole life health approach.

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